Sunday, 4 August 2013

[INTERVIEW] B.A.P “We hope they will become good people after listening to our music”

Q. Bang Yongguk, are you dissatisfied by a lot of things in society? You make statements about society on twitter once in a while.
Bang Yongguk: I'm not dissatisfied by a lot of things. (laugh) I really don't like unreasonable and unfair things. I think if something is wrong, it is right to say something about it. The fans who listen to our songs are young. Just because they're young, it doesn't mean they shouldn't know some things. I think in order to become a good person, one should know about issues in society at a young age. Pinpointing the things that must be pinpointed is B.A.P's style

Q. For every album, you've shown powerful performances. There's talk about how this time you're coming out with the 'cross dance' to show the cleansing of sin.
Jongup: The cross dance comes out in the chorus of 'Badman'. You spread your arms out to make a cross. Other than that you can also see a mix of powerful krump moves and manly choreography. There's also a lot more moves showing our individual skills other than the overall choreography

Q. The music video for 'Badman' was shot in Detroit. When I saw the video it was very brutal?
Youngjae: It was shot at an abandoned location that was densely deserted. It was a desolate neighborhood where all the buildings had broken windows. There were around 100 extras and they were a little scary at first because of they looked

Source: tenasia


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