Sunday, 4 August 2013

[ARTICLE] Himchan's First Promotion since Breaking his Fingers

In February, after finishing their schedule, Himchan had an accident while getting into a car, breaking his fingers and requiring surgery. In order to recover, he could not participate in "One Shot" performances. He had revealed that "I really wanted to stand on stage."

Recently, Himchan told OSEN in an interview "I broke my fingers in February, and couldn't promote with the other members. I'm different than the them this time in that this promotion (of BADMAN) is my first of the year, so I'm really nervous and excited."

Furthermore he said "I really wanted to stand on stage. Since performing during the Pacific Tour, I want to show our Korean fans everything that I worked on during that tour and I want to impress them."

Source: OSEN, Kstyle

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