Thursday, 18 July 2013

[NEWS] B.A.P Hits Vegas for “Hurricane” MV

B.A.P Hits Vegas for “Hurricane” MV
The second of B.A.P‘s three new singles is finally out! It turns out that the rumors were true: BAP hit up Las Vegas during the US leg of their Live on Earth Tour (somewhere between performing to a sold-out crowd in LA and taking over Times Square with MTV K) to shoot a little something-something.

That said, after hearing “Hurricane” and watching its flashy MV, we think this new track could have been much better. What can we say? We’ve been spoiled by B.A.P’s long list of quality releases.  Though it’s still a nice addition to your B.A.P audio shrine (we know you have one), “Hurricane” doesn’t quite catch on as well as the group’s other promoted singles. It’s hard to get your groove on with all the jarring jumps between electronic hooks,  jazz/funk bridges and hip-hop verses—even if those parts are pretty rad individually. Seriously, we could go on for hours about Zelo and Jongup’s dance breaks and Himchan cruising around Sin City and the gratuitous Daehyun high notes, and! And! And!

So, yeah, “Hurricane” isn’t bad, but it certainly won’t be the best of the triple title tracks. (May we direct you to the beautiful “Coffee Shop” single/MV combo that dropped late last month?)  Let’s hold out hope that single #3 will blow “Hurricane” out of the water.

Source: MTVK

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