Friday, 19 July 2013

[NEWS] B.A.P featured in "Popular Idol Groups Filming MV in the U.S., 'New Trend?'"

Popular Idol Groups Filming MV in the U.S., 'New Trend?'

Popular idol groups INFINITE and B.A.P have made a comeback with a large scale music video.

Both groups have travelled overseas to film a fancy and different style of music video for their comebacks.

B.A.P released their new song, "Hurricane" on July 18. Their music video was filmed in Las Vegas and was guarded by police and body guards during their photo shoot.

They showed off a more luxurious and sophisticated image with their new song as they wore crisp white suits.

A B.A.P official stated, "We filmed their video in Las Vegas downtown and wanted to create a luxurious and fancy feel. We hope that this video will appeal overseas as well."

Source: KpopStarz

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