Tuesday, 30 July 2013

[INFO] B.A.P to Appear on Weekly Idol Again

How to Send in Your questions for B.A.P

"Weekly Idol" is asking fans to send questions for them to ask B.A.P by phone. There's no information about possible broadcast dates, but hopefully we can expect B.A.P to be on the show soon. We'll keep you updated as new information comes in!

If you actually want to try sending in your questions for B.A.P, call the number given (Canadian and USA fans add 110 + the Korean international code is 82) [0]2-2068-1601, and you will have to speak in Korean, and call during the set time: July 31 and August 1st KST, which will be July 30 from 9:00 pm EST to July 31 9:00pm EST. Use this time zone convertor to help you out. Good luck to anyone trying to get through!

* for international callers, don't dial that [0] (it's very confusing, but if you really want to call, go ahead ^^;;)

Credit/Via/Trans: bapyessir.com

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