Tuesday, 30 July 2013

[INFO] BADMAN: Special Editions available Japanese & Chinese BABYs

B.A.P Official Japan will open their shop in which Japanese Baby can buy the "BADMAN" album and receive special limited goods, with BABY JAPAN members able to buy signed albums. This is ONLY available in Japan.

The album itself is the same: B.A.P 3rd mini album『BADMAN』

1. Whut's Poppin'
2. Badman
3. Excuse Me
4. Coffee Shop
5. Bow Wow
6. Hurricane

Special item: photo card of a member (random, you cannot choose the member)

Special Package for BABY JAPAN Fanclub Members (2730 yen tax included)
* BADMAN Album w/ photo card
* The album jacket will be signed by one of the members (you cannot choose which member's sign, it's random)

Regular Package for those buying from the official B.A.P Japan store (1890 yen tax included)
* BADMAN Album w/ photo card
* BADMAN poster
* A "Coffee Shop" or "Hurricane" poster (random, you cannot chose which poster)

The official Japanese site says that more information will be released soon, such as information on ordering. However, it's a bit unclear as the notice says the Album will be released August 8th in Korea, so this may be a typo, we'll keep you posted. It also mentions that ordered goods should arrive at homes in mid August.

It's also been announced by YinYueTai.com that Chinese mainland will be getting a limited edition of the "BADMAN" album. More information when it's available.

Source: B.A.P Official Japan, yinyuetai.com, tivoli_himchan
Via/Trans: bapyessir.com

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