Monday, 29 July 2013

[ARTICLES] B.A.P releases ‘Badman’ jacket photo and tracklist

With their comeback set for August 6, B.A.P revealed their third mini-album jacket photo as well as its track list.

B.A.P announced that they will be having thee title songs in this upcoming mini-album, which is titled “Badman.” The album will consist of six tracks, including the already released “Coffee Shop” and “Hurricane.” The other four tracks are as follows: “What’s Poppin,” “Badman,” “Excuse Me,” and “Bow Wow.”

The album jacket photo shows B.A.P’s signature Matoki character wearing a gas mask with the album title “BADMAN” printed above, leaving a stronger impression than ever.

TS Entertainment stated, “B.A.P’s new album will contain music that only B.A.P can make as well as a completely new style of music that they haven’t shown before. It will once again prove B.A.P’s wide range of musical ability as well as their exceptional performances.”

While “Badman” is set to be released on August 6, B.A.P will also be throwing a concert called “B.A.P Live on Earth Seoul Wanted” on August 17 and 18.

Source: Soompi

Getting ready to make an official comeback, B.A.P has just unveiled the jacket photo and full tracklist for upcoming mini album, ‘Badman’.

The album will include a total of six tracks, including the two pre-released title tracks “Coffee Shop” and “Hurricane”. The third and final title song is expected to be “Badman”.

‘Badman’ will be released on August 6th.

Source: dkpopnews

Returning with a triple title, B.A.P unveiled the jacket photo for its third mini album, Badman.

On July 29, TS Entertainment released the jacket photo and tracklist for its upcoming mini album. The cover showed B.A.P’s Matoki wearing a gas mask behind a burgundy red background.

The album will include a total of six tracks, including Coffee Shop and Hurricane which were pre-released. The third and final title song is expected to be Badman like the album title.

B.A.P is expected to return on August 6.

Meanwhile, the group will hold its final encore performance for the 2013 B.A.P Live on Earth Seoul Wanted on August 17 and 18.
Source: MNET
Photo Credit: TS Entertainment

You know you've all been waiting for this - B.A.P will finally have their full comeback with 'BADMAN'!
The boys have released their album cover and their tracklist, featuring their trademark Matoki on the album as always. 
TS Entertainment hinted that 'BADMAN' would only contain music that only B.A.P can do, and that it would be very characteristic of B.A.P. Also, 'BADMAN' is supposed to have genres they never tried before in the album.

"BADMAN" will be out August 6th, so stay tuned for their teasers!
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