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[PHOTOS] B.A.P revealed more secrets during 'MTV Sessions'!

B.A.P’s Him Chan wants Jong Up to say “I love you”
Text/Photos: Priscilla Wu

B.A.P’s Him Chan has no qualms about showing affection for his bandmates. Quizzed on the compliments he wishes to hear from the other members during a media interview held at the Movenpick Heritage Hotel yesterday (September 11), the 24-year-old candidly answered that he would like to receive an “I love you” from Jong Up.

The duo, who also shares a room in their dormitory, appears to be particularly close when Him Chan revealed that the latter is surprisingly different from his onstage persona. “Jong Up is really manly and charismatic when he is performing. But in real life, he is just a cute, shy younger brother.”

But even the best of friends have their differences and Jong Up admitted that he is bothered by his roommate’s sleep habits, “We sleep next to each other and he moves around a lot in his sleep.” Him Chan added that they often wake up in the morning “at the opposite side of where we were sleeping originally because both of us move too much when we are asleep.”

And in between hilarious anecdotes of their little quirks, it is not hard to see that B.A.P had, as they said, become “more like a family than just friends.” “As time goes by, we believe we will bond more strongly and evolved to become a real family,” said Him Chan.

In town for the recording of MTV Sessions at Resorts World Sentosa, the boys are no stranger to our sunny shores. This is their third visit to Singapore and they were here earlier in May for their B.A.P Live On Earth world tour. “Singapore is the first country we performed abroad after our debut. The response we received from fans was amazing and that made us want to come back here again.”

While they stated that they have “no plans for a comeback in Korea at the moment”, B.A.P will soon be embarking on a promotional tour for their single 'Excuse Me' in Japan. Their hectic schedule, which frequently involves jetting from one country to another, was described by Dae Hyun as one of the challenges the group faced. “There are many things that we can no longer enjoy easily. We cannot go shopping by ourselves and these minor things in life is what we missed most [after being idols].”

Despite the downside of fame, Dae Hyun said that working in the music industry has given him the chance to “meet a lot of people from various fields and from them, I have learned to live my life more maturely in different ways.”

Stay tuned to our 'MTV Sessions with B.A.P' review coming up shortly!

B.A.P’s Jong Up and Yong Guk take the longest time to shower?

Text: Priscilla Wu
Photos: MTV Asia/Aloysius Lim

B.A.P MTV Sessions
Date: September 11, 2014
Time: 8pm
Venue: Waterfront Studios, Resorts World Sentosa

B.A.P had just held their B.A.P Live On Earth 2014 Continent Tour in Singapore four months ago, but the passion BABYs (their official fan club name) have for them showed no signs of waning at the band’s live recording of MTV Sessions.

A rousing crowd of 200 gathered at the Waterfront Studio on September 11 to watch the boys perform up-close and personal, and their enthusiasm was high even before the recording officially started. By the time the six-member group stepped onstage, chants of “B.A.P” were deafening and everyone had whipped out their mobile phones for a snap of their biases.

As it was a recording for a one-hour show, the set-list was considerably shorter than that of their full-length concerts. Following some ground rules (no video recording and no pushing) from the VJs, B.A.P opened the night with ‘Excuse Me’ and dance-pop anthem ‘Hurricane’.

While the first two songs showed off the group’s impeccably synchronized choreography, mid-tempo tracks like the light-hearted ‘Lovesick’ and their latest single ‘Where Are You? What Are You Doing?’ worked better at shining the spotlight on the members’ vocals. Lead vocalist Dae Hyun’s smooth and versatile delivery, in particular, helped to convey the emotions behind sentimental lyrics like “Should I confess to you? I hesitate hundreds of times” and “Maybe it’s because I’m alone but I’m thinking of you even more”.

Let’s say ‘hey’ with B.A.P

The audience’s attentive energy remained unrivalled even throughout the slower numbers and it was hard to find an instance when they were not hollering for their idols’ attention.

B.A.P’s unreserved stage presence dispelled any concerns one may have about the intimate setting. Yes, the members were only inches away from screaming fans, but they worked the proximity to their advantage. Every move they made and every word they crooned elicited wild responses from the crowd.

Fans seemed to know the lyrics by heart, singing along to the songs, at times, right from the very first verse. Even the VJs agreed that “they are so crazy; we can get them to do anything as long as it is B.A.P related."

Yong Guk is the quietest member?

Fans are not going to let B.A.P go without some chit-chatting and the boys sat down for a quick Q&A segment midway through the show.

MTV had requested for fans to submit questions for the group via Twitter prior to the recording and according to the VJs, it became a trending topic and requests came flooding from around the world.

When asked who the quietest member of the group is, the boys named Yong Guk in unison without much hesitation. It was also a tie between Jong Up and Yong Guk for the title of the member who takes the longest time to shower.

The set peaked with the final crowd-pleaser ‘1004 (Angel)’ which featured a powerful dance bit from Zelo and Him Chan. The boys left the stage after the number with promises to return soon to meet the Singapore BABYs again.

MTV Sessions: B.A.P premieres on MTV Asia on Thursday, 25 September at 8pm.

Source: MeRadio

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