Saturday, 27 September 2014


Hello BABYs!

We are currently considering hiring new admins to help keep UK B.A.P up to date!
Starting out, we would like someone who can update the site with latest updates and news for follow BABYs!
To start off with, we will get new admins to update the site. We will then check updates before they can be published and share them on to twitter. Over time, we will allow new admins to post to twitter and facebook also!

It is not essential that you understand Korean, we will not turn someone down based on languages :) (though it could be of help if you understood languages such as Korean or Japanese. But please don't worry about this!)
You must be able to search for news (Through Twitter, Weibo, Instagram, B.A.P's Fancafe and other news sites etc.)
You don't necessarily have to be British born, but you must be at least living in the UK

We need someone who will be dedicated to updating UK B.A.P. Working on a fansite is not something to take lightly. We work really hard for this so would appreciate that same in return!

We will ask you to send us some details before we decide who to take on. But we hope we can make new friends from this too! Please send the following details under the title "UK B.A.P Admin Application" to

Where do you live:
What do you do (education/job):
Why do you want to join UK B.A.P:
If you think there is any other info that will benefit us, please include it!

Deadline for applications will be on 10th October!
Look forward to hearing from you! ^^

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