Saturday, 5 April 2014

[PHOTO] Himchan's Twitter Update 2014/04/05

오늘 800일이에요 데뷔했을때부터 꿈만같던 시간이 지날 수 있다는 것에 행복합니다 오늘은 셀카하나 올려요 난 그리고 우리 많이 보는게 좋아요 크크 보고싶어요 또 ^.^!

"Today is our 800th day since debut I'm happy that this dream-like period of time has passed by today I've uploaded a selca and it's nice to see each other often keke I miss you once again ^.^!"

Source: @BAP_Himchan
Trans: @TSU_BAPtweets

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