Tuesday, 1 April 2014

[PHOTO] Himchan's Twitter and Instagram Update 2014/04/01

우리는 스케쥴 중입니다 뒷모습입니다 셀카를 기다리시는거 알고있어요 조금만 더 기다리세요 크크 여러분들이 보내주시는 멘션 다 보고있어요
"We're doing our schedules this is my back image I know you're waiting for my selca wait for a while more keke I'm reading everyone's mentions"

Himchan also posted this on his Instagram: #만우절이지만난거짓말안해보고싶으당
"Although it's April's fools, I'm not telling a lie that I miss you"

Source: @BAP_Himchan & strong_chan
Trans: @TSU_BAPtweets & @BAP_intl

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