Friday, 25 April 2014


Hey BABYs!
So to show our support for B.A.P at the concerts, we're trying to come up with some simple projects that many people can hopefully participate in.
We currently only have 2 projects. (I'm struggling to come up with stuff that people would want to do. So please! Send any suggestions to us!)

Project #1: 감사합니다 B.A.P

During B.A.P's Seoul Concerts, they performed With You as part of the encore. We're hoping that they will do it in London aswell. We decided that we wanted to show that we were happy and thankful that they came to us.
So we are hoping to get as many people as possible to hold up the following:

You may recognise the English lines as Yongguk's lines from With You :)
We will leave this here so you can save it and print it if you wish to participate, and we hope many of you will!
We would print them ourselves and give them out, but it's something we can not afford at this time so we hope you can understand! We will leave the file to download for you :)
Project #2: Video Messages

We will be making random appearances throughout the day to take video shots of everyone and even grab a few messages from some of you to put together for B.A.P.
This will be put together after the concert and uploaded onto youtube. Since we don't want it to be too long, we'll only ask for you to say a few words. You can be in a group or on your own. Your choice!

Project #3: UK B.A.P Banners

We are going to be giving details on how to purchase a UK B.A.P Banner that you can take to the concert and wave as a cheering banner or just to keep as a souvenir of that day and the concert!
We hope many of you would like one! More details to come soon!

Project #4: Sign the UK B.A.P for B.A.P

We will be drawing B.A.P's Matoki onto the UK Flag and we will bring it around the queue outside to get as many fans as possible to sign the flag with little messages of support and love for B.A.P. This will be passed onto B.A.P to hopefully keep as a souvenir of their time here!

If anyone has any further suggestions for any projects to do on the day or during the concert, please do let us know!


  1. I've already bought an official slogan banner but will also print off the Thank You banner for the encore as i think it'll mean a lot :)

  2. When we went to see Super Junior we learnt a chorus of one of their songs so we could all sing as one to show them how much we care....maybe we could do something like that here....I know there will be fanchants, but the whole crowd belting out a whole chorus is amazing!

    1. yes that is good to do fanchants is good
      especially whistle since thats b.a.p thing lol

  3. I just printed out the project 1 in school XD can't wait nowww! 4days! LEGGO!