Friday, 7 March 2014

[NEWS] B.A.P to Meet With 100,000 Fans in Four Continents

B.A.P is headed to meet with 100,0000 fans in four continents.

Launching solo concert B.A.P Live on Earth Seoul 2014 on March 8 and 9 at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium, B.A.P will be performing in America, Europe, Oceania and Asia following the Seoul concerts.

Having gathered 50,000 fans last year in four North American cities and five countries in Asia with B.A.P Live On Earth Pacific, and 40,000 fans in Japan with Warrior Begins, B.A.P will be taking one more step forward to ‘take over the earth’ by performing 20 overseas concerts this year.

Including America and Japan, where the tickets to previous concerts have been sold out, B.A.P’s concerts in Europe and Australia will also be seating an average of 5,000 people for each concert, to gather a total of 100,000 fans.

TS Entertainment, B.A.P’s agency, stated, “The specific schedule will be revealed after the Seoul concerts take place this weekend. Please stay tuned for the upcoming Seoul concert, featuring B.A.P’s performance of over 25 songs in the span of 150 minutes.”

Source: MWAVE
Photo credit: TS Entertainment

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