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The lyrics written by Yongguk always needs to be proofread by few other staffs before accomplishing because he does not pay his attention to the regulations of the broadcasting once he gets focused on writing his own music.

Zelo chose 'Whut's Poppin' as his favorite song. "I like Yongguk hyung's bitter and straightforward lyrics."

Jongup chose 'Badman' as his favorite song. "It is a new challenge for us so we are curious how our fans would react."

Himchan chose ‘Excuse Me’ as his favorite song of the album. "It is perfect to harmonize with fans at the concert, etc."

'Badman' is a mixture of the genre 'trap' and B.A.P's own style of music. (Yongguk)

In the recording studio, Yongguk becomes a scary producer/songwriter because of his pursuit of perfection. (Himchan)

Through 'Badman', Daehyun challenged himself with the highest note he could reach and is assured that he performed his best

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B.A.P's Badman dance point will be something called the 'Cross dance' & it's apparently symbolizes washing away your crime
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