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[PHOTOS][FANACCOUNTS] Music Core Pre-Recording 2013/08/03

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Fan Accounts

- Jongup dancing on stage between cuts aaaahhhhhhh!
- Himchan singing random parts BETWEEN CUTS OMG
- BAP is done after 3 takes !
- Yongguk didn't say a WORD that whole perf. They cut the song short and skipped his part
- Ygk barely even looked out at the crowd half the time He didn't even say the "우리 B!"part of their greeting when they said hello.
- Yongguk made the whole dance to Coffee shop SO AWKWARD.
- The Coffee Shop dance was supposed to be a smooth dance but Yongguk made it really heavy and sharp.
- Yongguk said a total of 4 BAP yessir today and Zelo waved byebye to the fans
- During the breaks, Himchan kept helping the members to rearrange their clothes and everything so the fans screamed and he pulled his hands away so quickly
- When they were filming Himchan's part, Jongup got confused of his position, so Daehyun pointed him to a random position and Himchan said it was wrong so he moved back to the original spot and Zelo came by and pointed him to the same spot Daehyun directed him too. They confused Jongup so bad lol omg
- When filming Zelo's rap solo, they took several scenes but it didn't work out so the cameraman crew went to look for a taller camera ORZ because they said the shots didnt look good when Zelo didn't stand up straight
- Today all the members kept saying that Himchan was nervous and asked babys to scream for Himchan... And after a while Daehyun was like "... i'm nervous too"
- Youngjae was the king of fanservice today he did everything all kinds of greetings and waving and everything. Also! This is Himchan's first 2013 comeback so he yelled some gibberish into the audience and babys couldn't understand so they yelled back at him "What did you say we can't hear"
- A crew came and told Himchan they had to retake his part so he asked loudly like "Is it the exciting part of the song" and everyone laughed and his facial expression is like "I am the king of all the climax parts"
- Youngjae was singing his part when the music cut off and he just continued singing ;AAA; angel

Source: tofupillows | 踢踏怪姐姐饭小 | chaenels | Coreyan_

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