Saturday, 3 August 2013

[PHOTO] Himchan's Twitter Update 2013/08/03

오랜만에 컴백입니다. BABY들 만날 생각 하니 벌써부터 심장이 Bounce Bounce해 오늘 음악중심 사전녹화가 있네요 떨리고 기대되네요 크크 이따 봐요 그리고 제얼굴이 궁금하실거라생각해서 셀카하나올려요

"It's a comeback after a long time. Because I'm thinking that I will be meeting Babys, my heart is already Bounce Bounce-ing. There is a pre-recording for Music Core today, I'm nervous and anticipating it keke. See you in a while. And I think you are curious about my face so I uploaded a selca."

Source: @Himchanchan on Twitter
Trans: @ProtectBAPSG on Twitter

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