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[INTERVIEW] B.A.P, The Six Males who Have Returned as ‘Bad Men’

Part 1 - B.A.P, The Six Males who Have Returned as ‘Bad Men’

The six males, B.A.P, who have returned after releasing their title song, ‘Bad Man’. Prior to meeting B.A.P, who had a somewhat strong image, I was nervous. Since I’ve only seen B.A.P through their promotions with their low-toned voices and tall heights, and overflowing with charisma, I thought that they would be similar in real life. However, the six boys that I met with no make up on were innocent and pure.

When asked “Do you like your album", they looked taken aback at first. Their member, Himchan, replied, “We’ve only been asked to introduce our album. It’s our first time hearing something like that." While handing their album over, they said, “We feel like it’s the coolest album we’ve released so far, so we like it." If you were used to B.A.P’s strong and full of impact music, then you’ll happily greet this album as well. Daehyun strongly recommended ‘BADMAN’ whil saying, “I like our title song the most."

This album has all their experiences gained from their B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH PACIFIC TOUR which started on May 7th and was held at 4 cities in the States, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Their leader, Bang Yongguk, expressed, “While doing the tour, each of the members all improved a lot in lives and stage manners. Since we also grew stronger in teamwork, everyone became more mature. Everything we’ve built up till now created ‘BADMAN’."

Although they’ve come up here since their debut without resting, they rested for their first time prior to their release of ‘BADMAN’ for six months. When asked if they felt worried, everyone said, “We never rested." They only rested in releasing albums, but they continuously ran forth with tours and performances. Their member, Zelo, cutely complained, “I felt really tired stamina-wise. Because I’m tall, if I’m tired, it’s more noticeable on stage than the hyungs. So as to not show that for two hours, I tried to be strong."

Although their Pacific tour was a large challenge, B.A.P’s greed is in another place. “I want this album to do well and allow us to do a larger tour. I want our name to be recognized as musicians, singers. While doing the concerts, I personally also improved a lot as well. I’m curious as to how much more I can improve." (Daehyun)

"Our Japanese debut is ahead of us. Japan’s performing culture is very advanced, and their music market is large as well. I want to hurry and be active there. Our arena tour has been confirmed, but my body is already anticipating it." (Himchan)

Part 2 - B.A.P “Who doesn’t listen the most?" When Asked That

The ‘bad men’ B.A.P, who have come back with their title song, ‘BADMAN’. As I listened to these six boys who don’t really appear on variety shows, my interest peaked. When they talked about their album in a low voice, they were serious, but once they played around among the members, there really was no other ‘prankster’.

B.A.P, who says they all live in one room at the dorms. When asked if they felt tired of it, Daehyun waved it off and said, “There’s nothing like that." “Since we’re always thinking, we feel like a family now. Even if there’s nothing really anything there, a relationship that’s still really tight. We can talk for a really long time with something small as well. When another person looks at us, they’ll probably think we’re quite boring." When Himchan said, “We even talk all day long about something like ‘UFOs actually existing in real life’!", Daehyun laughed and said, “He’s like a young boy."

Just by watching their conversation go back and forth, it seems like their ‘gag code’ is a bit strange. When Jongup wanted to express that he was the youngest of three brothers, he said, “I’m the one who made the brick house." When I asked what that meant, he said that he took the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and was saying that he was the youngest. Youngjae explained, “We’re a team that you need to know for a long time to think we’re funny." “We laugh really hard thinking among ourselves thinking that it’s funny, but it seems like other people don’t find it funny."

When asked which member talks the most when the six members are together, they all looked around before Himchan raised his hand up high. “I’m the most playful one here!" Their member, Daehyun, expressed that it was annoying when Himchan would joke around with the younger members, and then once they joke back, he would immediately say, “Hey, I’m the hyung, so don’t do that." When asked, “Which dongsaeng doesn’t listen the most?", Himchan turned himself in. “I don’t listen to Yonggukkie hyung’s words the most!" Thankfully for Yongguk, Himchan the ‘dongsaeng that doesn’t listen’, currently shares a bed with Jongup while Yongguk shares a bed with Zelo. Since the six members live in one room, a bunk bed is a necessity.

But they don’t fight. “Although there are times when our opinions clash, we don’t fight. We’re the type to resolve it through talking," Yongguk continued and said, "When we’re resting, the members all play with each other and even when we go overseas, the six of us all play together in the hotel swimming pool. The ‘code’ for the six of us all match well, so it’s comfortable." “Even when we go on our overseas tours, it feels like we’re going on a vacation with the members. We even went shopping together during the U.S tour."

"For six months, we were able to rest as well as do the tours. But we don’t go out and do something. We either exercise or practice at the company," Youngjae said before saying that the most special schedule during their resting time is ‘skin treatment’. Yongguk added, “To others, we’re probably boring kids. However, we really have fun with each other."

Daehyun playfully said that due to this, the fans’ worries are enormous. They’re worried that the strange gags previously shown won’t be accepted well in variety shows, which center around talks. “If we happen to do variety shows, I want to do something where we have to use our bodies. Like ‘Running Man’ or ‘Real Men’. The role that Jang Hyuk senior does fits perfectly with our Yongguk hyung." To this, Yongguk added, “There was even a time I told the members that we should go do navy training."

"We like exercising. Diets? We don’t do that… We compete with each other about food. Because we think that we’ll gain weight if we eat it by ourselves, we try to feed each other. If a diet boom happens occasionally among the members, we eat a bunch of midnight snacks to distract each other." (Daehyun)

"It’s like if we’re going to gain weight, let’s gain it together. But the funny thing is, we don’t really eat a lot. The six of us eat 2 chickens together." (Yongguk)

Even so, while looking at B.A.P’s promotion plans, it doesn’t seem like they’d be able to gain weight even from eating midnight snacks daily. “Our promotion plans are filled fully till the end of the year. Our fans should look forward to it." With that, Youngjae ended the interview by adding, “Our goal of this year is to not get hurt and finish up well till the end of the year."

"We’ve endlessly ran forth since our debut without rest. We’re going to run forth this year with ‘BADMAN’. We’ll show a more improving side." This is the determination of B.A.P who has their final ‘Pacific Tour’ performance in Seoul ahead of them.
Source: kuki news
Trans: akdongs on Tumblr

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