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[INTERVIEW] B.A.P Shows Why It′s a ′Good′ Idol in ′Badman′

These days, idols are defined by a certain fixed image, a trend which has brought on the habit of nicknaming idols with names that end with ′-dol′ like ′beast-dol′, ′variety-dol′ or ′adult-dol′.

B.A.P is a group defined not only by its warrior-type concepts, but also by the good deeds its members partake in backstage, as they participate in donations, charity events and volunteer work.

B.A.P up close really did seem to be an idol that had strong roots in kindness, and this fact was what shone in its recent third album Badman.

B.A.P′s still growing and growing

It′s been a year and eight months since this alien group landed in K-Pop. It had made a name for itself even before its debut with individual solo activities and unit promotions, and after its debut ended up sweeping up rookie awards in a total of 14 awards ceremonies. It held a Pacific tour that went through four countries in Asia and four cities in America, and it′s still going strong.

In this context, Badman is another important milestone in the group′s career. It showed that the members can even produce their own songs.

Leader Bang Yong Guk, who had continuously proved he could write songs by including his own pieces in B.A.P′s albums, this time participated in designing the general direction of his group′s album, as well as its artwork, music video concept and styling.

The other members also widened their spectrums by trying out a variety of new genres.

Member Himchan said, "We had many opportunities to show how B.A.P could be a true artist. It was interesting how we reinterpreted the genre of jazz, which no idol has ever tried before. We′re really attached to this album because it′s our first self-produced piece and it also shows each member′s strong characteristics. Listeners will be able to meet lots of different genres and it won′t feel boring."

B.A.P succeeded in putting down an image that immediately follows its name. The members are actually at the age where people start to pursue fame or individual acknowledgement, but B.A.P as a group was more centered on its music.

Its previous tour really helped it learn how to communicate with its audience.

Dae Hyun and Young Jae commented, "We learned a lot in our tour. Since our eyes and ears were opened wide, we naturally came to pursue higher quality in our music. We tried to include that inspiration and everything experimental in our album. We believe those who listen to Badman will definitely get to see how much we′ve grown."

B.A.P wages war against crime

B.A.P′s title song Badman was written by Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum, a team that wrote many songs for Secret and B.A.P.

The real deal of the song is in its message. ′Badman′ refers not only to ′bad men′ but also ′criminals′, and is about getting a message through to a chaotic and crime-riddled world. Its blatant jab at society leaves its marks on listeners′ minds.

"I watched the news once before I started work on a song," Bang Yong Guk said. "Society was shaken with crimes that made big issues, but at one point those crimes were forgotten. They′re really serious incidents that society needs to learn from, but they′re all forgotten so easily. I wanted to draw attention to what′s happening and convey a message to criminals out there."

Bang Yong Guk, B.A.P and its fans are known for showing great interest in the needy and social issues. Fans have often shown this by donating rice in B.A.P′s name.

Himchan said about the image, "It′s great that we′re being called idols with a right mind. We′re embarrassed because we just did what would be right for anyone. We′re not great people, but we do feel we′re at a status where we can influence others. We hope our influence moves everyone in a positive direction and has everyone act under the right values."

Source: MWAVE
Photo credit: TS Entertainment

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