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[FANACCOUNTS] B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH Singapore 2013/08/08

  • Youngjae also swiped his hand across the sea of babyz's hands during Crash.
  • During Crash when babyz reached out, Yongguk touched a few hands.
  • During Crash, the babyz in the front row stood up and rushed to the front and began reaching out to the boys.
  • Yongguk looked pissed off when his mic was faulty during Power.
  • Jongup smiled at us and urged us to dance with him during Crash, in the "help me help me" part.
  • Himchan looked at us for about 3 times, and it seemed like he was checking to see if we knew the lyrics.
  • Daehyun smirked at us during "What the Hell" when we were waving our lightsticks at him.
  • Zelo spotted our combined heart shape and made a heart back at us in "Goodbye".
  • Himchan & Youngjae had a lot of eye contact with the fans in the front row, including us during the first few songs
  • The boys performed a total of 19 songs for LOE in Singapore!!
Source: warriornim

  • B.A.P has just slayed through Warrior, What the Hell and No Mercy! BABYs are going crazy in here! #BAPinSG
  • Intense performance from Daehyun and Yongguk for an acoustic version of I Remember! #BAPinSG
  • Rain Sound now! Such a pretty sight with all the Matoki lightsticks. #BAPinSG
  • Himchan tried mimicking Yongguk's rap but gave up halfway. One of Daehyun's traits is... a 'good & motherly wife' #BAPinSG
  • Youngjae just did a sexy dance to Billie Jean! #BAPinSG
  • Jongup does a short dance routine too. One of his profile traits is 'remarkable six pack'. Hmm.. will we get to see it? #BAPinSG
  • Zelo is the youngest with aegyo, so he does the kwiyomi. Yongguk and Daehyun get sabotaged by the fans and members to do it too. #BAPinSG
  • A DaeJae duet of I Believe I Can Fly is up next! #BAPinSG
  • Dressed in school uniforms, Zelo and Jongup put up a dance performance! Sleek moves! #BAPinSG
  • DJ Yongguk in the house! BangHim turned the place into a club for Sexy Clap! #BAPinSG
  • The crowd erupts in screams as the introductory notes of One Shot come on. Very loud fanchants too! #BAPinSG
  • if it's anyone who got the 'Power', it's definitely B.A.P! They're heating up this place! #BAPinSG
  • It's getting a little frisky now with 3OH!3's My First Kiss. #BAPinSG
  • Zelo just threw a towel into the crowd! #BAPinSG
  • The boys say it is their last song and Goodbye comes on. #BAPinSG
  • Their first encore song is Coma! #BAPinSG
  • The boys are totally having fun with Dancing in the Rain! #BAPinSG
  • After Stop It, the boys continue the bright atmosphere with Crash! #BAPinSG
  • That's the end of the concert! It's a pity that they didn't perform any new songs, but BABYs still enjoyed it, right? ^^ #BAPinSG
Source: dinoseoul

  • B.A.P all spiked up hair except Daehyun
  • Zelo put up his scarf into mask
  • Daehyun's fringe is so long sexy that covered his half eyes
  • Himchan showed his shoulder
  • Jongup and Zelo smiled to each other
  • Youngjae keep waving his body
  • Jongup's melody rap sound so good
  • Jongup: Did you miss us? (In English)
  • Yongguk singing and dancing Yoohoo by Secret
  • Zelo keep touching Daehyun
  • Yongguk did gwiyomi and slapped his own butt
  • Teach me how to dougie Jongup in white suits and Zelo in black
  • Zelo walked to the front and did mehrong
  • Himchan, Jongup, Youngjae, Daehyun took off their jackets
  • Himchan walked over to Zelo and tried to kiss him.
  • Himchan: Are you having fun? (In English)
  • Himchan making heart shapes and kisses
  • Zelo back hugged Youngjae and dragged him to the back
  • Himchan grabbed Zelo's chin and did high notes
  • Himchan talknig pics of the fans with new camera
  • Yongguk has tigger pajamas
Source:  himchanuna
  • daejae were so filled with love today they kept throwing hearts
  • himchan put his arm around daehyun and they smiled at each other awhhhh
  • during teach me how to dougie zelo skipped across the stage and he went from one end to the other within 3 steps omg mr long legs
  • everyone cheered for guk to do gwiyomi then guk was like "YOUNGJAE!" then youngjae's like "YONGGUK!" and we just cheered with youngjae
  • daehyun was laughing like mad when youngjae did his sexy dance
  • zelo was running everywhere
  • youngjae did that bird thing that hyosung does in yoohoo
  • jongup's voice is so sweet someone hold me
  • daehyun waved at all of us
  • zelo blew kisses and made a heart over his head
  • yongguk's mic had a problem but he went off stage to take a new one so swiftly like it was part of the performance
  • Jongup threw his gloves to the side
  • Zelo pat his own butt 2 times while doing gwiyomi
  • Zelo run up at the stairs like a kid
  • Yongguk called Jongup "Korean Chris Brown"
  • Daehyun did Zelo's LTE rap and he was like "He's better than me"
  • Daehyun threw his tie on the floor like he ripped it off
 Source: daejumma
  • when they were doing the profile scan, zelo pretend he was typing and he "clicked" (as if its a screen) on daehyun's tummy and chest. Source: FRICKINDAELO

  • Youngjae did his freestyle dance i swear now that looks like chilli crab dance. Source: _fly0204 

  • Fans screamed as B.A.P pulled out their spraycans for the dance break! Source: sgXCLUSIVE

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