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[ARTICLES] B.A.P Starts a Riot in “Badman” Music Video

B.A.P Starts a Riot in “Badman” Music Video
It feels like months of anticipation have been building up to the release of B.A.P‘s third mini album and title track “Badman.” Well, the wait is finally over with the release of the music video. B.A.P is officially back!

Filmed in Detroit, the music video depicts the members of B.A.P and a small army of tough guys rioting against the police among some crumbling buildings. The group is known for using their music to raise awareness of social issues, and it looks like the overall message here is overthrowing authoritarianism.

Aside from the main story line, the boys filmed their dancing portion in what seems to be a rundown cathedral (and it looked really cool). Throw in the obligatory completely random scenes of people kissing and doing flips off of things — as well as scenery shots of a few Detroit landmarks —and boom! Music video, complete.

The song itself brings B.A.P back to their hardcore style after the laid back “Coffee Shop” and dance-track “Hurricane.” The mini album contains all three songs as well as three new tracks so be sure to give it a listen. Live promotions are set to kick off this week so get ready to see B.A.P back on stage doing what they do best.

Source: MTV K


B.A.P is here to make a grand return with another epic MV as they release the mini album, 'BADMAN'!

The boys are back to being the fierce warriors that we're familiar with as they go all out for their full return with a large-scale blockbuster music video shot in Detroit and the same filming location as movie 'Transformers'. 100 extras were also brought in for the filming, and the MV is said to be directed by Hong Won Ki Won of ZanyBros.
The title track "BADMAN" is said to be written by Bang Yong Guk himself to point out issues in society that we often hear of on the news, but tend to forget, adding a powerful message to their comeback.

So without further ado, check out the MV above and the other tracks through the playlist below:

Source: AllKpop

After much teasing, B.A.P finally unveiled the much anticipated the full music video for third title track, “Badman”!

Unlike the casual, flower-boy image from first two title tracks, B.A.P will showcase its trademark fierce and powerful looks once again for ‘Badman’ comeback. The blockbuster music video was filmed in Detroit, the same filming location as the movie ‘Transformers’, and is directed by Hong Won Ki of ZanyBros. The new mini album consists of six tracks, including the two pre-released title tracks “Coffee Shop” and “Hurricane” as well as the third title track “Badman” which has been revealed to be written by Bang Yong Guk.

Source: dkpopnews

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