Monday, 26 August 2013

[ARTICLE] B.A.P is #1 Again on German Music Charts

According to B.A.P's entertainment agency on the 26th, B.A.P's "Hurricane" was #1 on Germany's K-pop Charts. With this, B.A.P has been on Germany's Asian Music Charts Top 10 for 19 months since the group's debut, and this is the 7th time in total they have taken a number one spot.

B.A.P's "Hurricane" is the one of the triple title tracks that was released on the group's 3rd mini-album. It's an electronica house song with hip-hop characteristics.

Another title track is "Coffee Shop," which ranked at number 10 on the chart, and shows B.A.P's versatility with jazz, a sweet piano melody backed by soft, emotional male vocals.

Number 3 on the charts is "One Shot" which continues charting. "One Shot" was released in February, cit's popularity continuing over 6 months.

Source: Kstyle

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