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[PHOTOS] B.A.P in STARAZ Magazine

August, A Hurricane Will Blow
B.A.P is planning on making a comeback soon. They already started their sequential comeback promotions by releasing their first title track ‘Coffee Shop’ at the end of June. First, their first change was to become more mature. With their offensive stage performances B.A.P targeted the teens that went wild but with the release of the music video for ‘Coffee Shop’, for the first time B.A.P showed a mature and manly side. Because of that, the curiosity for their upcoming album has grown. With the concept of ‘Space Warriors’ they to their strong songs and performances but what will they show the fans this time

In Line For the Next Generation of Idols With Talent
B.A.P has stuck with their strong and dark feel that reminds us of the aura of the first generation idol H.O.T’s ‘Descendants of the Warrior’. Occasionally, they showed a different side to them with bright and light songs like ‘Crash’ and ‘Rain Sound’ but the song they promoted almost always was ‘Warrior’-like. Even though their concept was not something that they could easily approach the general public with, their fandom gradually thickened after their debut last January. There song rankings were a bit weak but thanks to their powerful and organized fandom, B.A.P quickly rose as the next generation idol with their fandom floating around them, like clouds, wherever they went. Up until now, they have swept away 14 Korean rookie awards and released 5 albums. Last March, they held their solo concert and is recorded to be the first rookie idol to have accomplished so much in such a short time. They have came all the way here without a hiatus period for a year and a half and they are now preparing for 2013.

This Time It’s The Triple Title!
B.A.P, who has revealed that they are coming back with a triple title through their third mini album, is warning the music industry with yet another different concept. All three tracks are different genres that have not been shown with other artists and they are planning on peeling off a layer of their ‘Space Warrior’ image. Organizing their fandom in a short amount of time, B.A.P has shown their infinite capabilities and as they are approaching their second year they have chosen to firmly grasp their strategies and promotions. In addition, by promoting more than 2 songs at once, at the same time as the comeback and promotion it garners a lot of attention. With a month left before their comeback, it is rare to have songs and the music video to be released sequentially. The hot topic is whether they will be able to have the synergy affect with their new plans for promotion.

Song ‘Coffee Shop’ Is Doing Well Even Without Promoting It
‘Coffee Shop’ which was released before their comeback on August, is a song that is different from the normal B.A.P. With leader Bang Yongguk’s participation with writing the lyrics, the main points of the song are the hip hop, R&B genre and the jazzy feel that seems to make the listener melt. Going back and forth between the acoustic piano and the electric piano, it creates an extravagant jazz play, showing a color that they have never shown before. B.A.P’s representative explained “With the participation of the world’s best and currently residing in New York, Song Youngjoo’s fantastic piano skills, the member’s soft voices go well with it and creates an emotional track”. They have come back with a refined feel and a lyrical film, it is impossible to find any sign of the strong appearances they showed before. Currently on youtube, the ‘reaction videos’, where one films their own reaction to a music video, is showing a hot response for ‘Coffee Shop’.

Holder’s of An Amazing Record, Can They Do It Again
B.A.P is known for holding a record for accomplishing so much in such short time. After 394 days since their debut, for the first time in history, they have shown their popularity by holding their first solo concert starting off in Seoul, followed by 4 states in America, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and even Asia, receiving hot responses from international fans worldwide. Other than this, over 3,000 fans swarmed together in Times Square, and in America and Japan they became known as issue makers because of a million fans swarming outside their concert. That’s not all, they dominated the iTunes hip hop charts, and placed first on the U.S. Billboard Charts making them the most loved K-pop artist not only in Korea but also internationally. Currently, B.A.P will be holding their encore solo concert ‘B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH SEOUL WANTED’ on the 17th and 18th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium at the same time they make a comeback.

What’s After The Second Title Track ‘Hurricane’?
‘Hurricane’ is the next song that will continue the popularity they received with ‘Coffee Shop’. From the beginning, the title seems alarming and we are looking forward to B.A.P’s different side. ‘Hurricane’ gives a completely different feel from ‘Coffee Shop’ but it is a club dance track that cowers away from their usual dark and heavy feel. On the other hand, recently the main vocal Youngjae tweeted a picture of a scene from Las Vegas raising questions whether it was a spoiler for their new music video. In the picture that Youngjae revealed, was Daehyun inside the monitor screen where they were monitoring the screen. With the triple title comeback, fans are analyzing the members’ actions one by one, carefully. The representative said “Through ‘B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH PACIFIC’, B.A.P, who has tightly secured their fandom in Korea and of course, overseas, will shock the music industry with their different charms this August, for sure”.
Source: STARAZ magazine
Scans: @Homerun_BAP

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