Wednesday, 24 July 2013

[PHOTO] MNET MV Tweet Photo of B.A.P

이번 주에 엠피디가 여러분에게 드릴 선물은?? 원하시는 분이 많아 어렵게 구해 온 "B.A.P 콘서트 티켓!!!! 매일 오전 11시 [엠넷 뮤직트윗]에서 만나요~RT 고고 사진은 예전 엠카 300회때

"The present that the M PD will be giving to all of you is??
Because a lot of people wanted it, B.A.P tickets that we got with a lot of difficulties!!!
See you everyday at 11 PM at [Mnet Music Tweet]~
The picture was from M Countdown's 300th episode"
Source: @MNETMV

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