Sunday, 28 July 2013

[INFO] English Guide for Joining Official BABY JAPAN

With B.A.P's Japanese debut set for October 9th, BABY JAPAN (B.A.P's official Japan fan club) will be the first place updated with their activities, as well members get special privileges such as first access to concert tickets for Japan tour dates.
For any Babyz in Japan (or with friends/family in Japan, you need a Japanese address to sign up), there are currently 2 ways to sign up for the Official BABY JAPAN fanclub; online through i-tike or at a Lawson store through the red Loppi machine. Both methods are similar so this guide can be used for both if you don't read Japanese. 

Step 1: Go to
Click on the "New Application" button. Membership is 5700 yen, plus an initial 500 yen for new applications. The total cost for new applications is 6200 yen. When your membership runs out in a year, You will have to pay 5700 yen again to renew your account.

Step 2: Accept the terms and conditions. 
There are 4 pages to sign-up: Input information (your name, address, etc.), checking the information (you will get error messages in red if something was entered incorrectly), approve (before submitting you information you can double check for mistakes), then finish.

Step 3: Input Information - Personal Info
Fill in the information as required.
** It is VERY picky about format, when it says 全角 the info must be in full-width hiragana, 全角カタカナ means full-width katakana, 半角数字 half-width numbers (the way numbers look when your computer language is set to "English"), 全角数字 full-width numbers (the way numbers look when your language is set to Japanese/Hiragana). Do not put any spaces for your address, and you MUST have a Japanese address to sign up. If you know someone in Japan willing to sign up for you it will work, but all the special gifts/greeting cards/etc. will be sent to THAT address.

Step 4: Input Information - Payment method
Select credit card or if you have an account with Cho-komu e mane (similar to paypal), you can pay that way.
** You can pay in cash if you actually go to a Lawson store and use the Loppi machine, the sign up method is similar to this guide.
NOTE: It wouldn't accept my international Credit card online, so you may have troubles in this case if you are signing up online, and may have to pay/ask your friend or family member in Japan to pay at a Lawson store for you.

Step 5: Input Information - Survey
Select the occupation that best applies to you, then click the "Check" button.
Step 6: Check
If there were any errors, you will return to the Input Information page and be asked to re-type certain sections. If you don't know what sections are giving you trouble, please contact us through BYS

Step 7: Approve
If all the information was input correctly, check over your name, address, email, etc. for any mistakes and click forward.

Step 8: Finish
You will arrive at a page saying you have finished application.
** If you are paying at an actual Lawson store, the Loppi machine will print off a receipt, take this to the cashier and you can pay for your membership at the till.

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