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[ARTICLE] Naver Music Special | Why Did the Six Matokis Return to Earth? [WANTED]

Special | Why Did the Six Matokis Return to Earth? [WANTED]

The six outer space warriors who conquered the world, B.A.P who have become stronger is being summoned!
When the 6 ‘Warrior”s who let out a refreshing ‘ONE SHOT PUNCH’ in 5 countries and 8 regions were going to go back to their Mato planet, they just couldn’t resist the shouting sounds armed with ‘POWER’ and went into a state of ‘COMA’ and are making an emergency landing on earth. B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH SEOUL [WANTED]! B.A.P returns as a whole for an encore concert, moved by Seoul in February, 2013.

Story 1 | Year 2013 First Live on Earth [LIVE ON EARTH]

This past February, B.A.P, the six Matokis who live on Mato planet, was charged with the task of filling the world that is filled with pain and tears with love and laughs through their music and performances and were to return back home. South Korea’s Seoul as the first landing site, then the United States of America, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc., after succesfully clearing their mission of filling the world everywhere with love and laughs through music, the six Matokis B.A.P bid farewell to the earthlings and went up to their spaceship to have them return to Mato planet.

Story 2 | The Six Matokis Who Returned to Mato - Once Again Being Summoned to Earth

The secret from the encore teaser - Why B.A.P came back again, what is the meaning of the mystery circle.
A problem with the gas was found on the spaceship who took aboard the six warriors that was returning back to Mato. Because the earthlings were still living in tears and pain, they earnestly requested that they wanted a B.A.P stage, causing B.A.P to go into a state of ‘COMA’. In the end, the spaceship is making an emergency landing again on earth-Seoul. B.A.P Spaceship Special landed…… Again Seoul!

The spaceship made an emergency landing and after dropping off the Matokis, it hurriedly left. In the spot where the spaceship left, a mystery circle that has never been seen before and left them a different mission. The mystery circle was deciphered by few earthlings and the meaning was the same as the following:

81718 Seoul Songpa-gu Bangi-dong 88-2

Mission: Last February, the earthlings were not 100% recovered due to TATS MATO(Himchan)’s absence. Return after gathering all the earthlings who need our music and performance and showing them an even more powerful stage!

The appearance of the spaceship and the mystery circle was accidentally left behind through a picture from one earthling, but on the top right side of the picture, TATS MATO(Himchan) & DADA MATO(Jongup) is also in the picture as they hurriedly try to hide their appearance.

1. DADA MATO, who has the specialty of MAD DANCING SKILLS, didn’t know about the line for the spaceship’s emergency landing and was late because he was working very hard on his dancing.
2. PEACE MAKER TATS MATO was late because he was trying to coax the leaving spaceship

The secret of the encore poster - B.A.P where are they now, what is their real appearance?
The two Matokis who got caught with the mystery circle, also the people who saw their mission message have decided to summon all the Matokis who made an emergency landing on earth so that even more people can find love and laughs. The earthlings who were to make the wanted posters to find the Matokis, drew information from this past February’s concert and is distributing the posters worldwide with KEKE MATO(Daehyun), SHISHI MATO(Yongguk), DADA MATO(Jongup), JOKO MATO(Youngjae), TATS MATO(Himchan), and TOTO MATO(Zelo) appearance and personal information.

With this, through the mystery circle and the wanted posters all the earthlings have come across this news, and the earth is filled with cheers.

However, there is one secret that the earthlings don’t know.
There is another face that exists behind the Matokis faces. If all six members are to come together and show a powerful stage, more earthlings have to remember their faces and demand a summoning. Of course you can’t forget to come and see the powerful stage after demanding a summoning. In order to show the all the earthlings the hidden faces, Naver Music Special is revealing the posters with the faces.

Date: August 17 (Sat.) ~ August 18 (Sun.) 2013, 6PM
Place: Olympic Park Olympic Hall
Inquiry: 1544-1555 (InterPark)
Host: TS Entertainment, CJ E&M

Story 3 | Summoned to Earth, Three Observation Points of an Even More Perfect Live

Point 1 | The return of Himchan who couldn’t show a proper stage due to an injury
Himchan who couldn’t participate with the others at the Seoul concert this past February because of an unexpected injury. His heart was filled with boiling passion and frustration as he sat in the waiting room watching his members’ performances. He must have shouted out “I want to be on the stage!" in the waiting room.
In the best condition with the PACIFIC TOUR, Himchan, who adjusted perfectly the stage, with the B.A.P members

Point 2 | It’s not just a repeat encore, the members’ individual stages are different from last February’s concert
ENCORE: a second request, ‘again’, ‘one more time’ is defined as the performing artist acknowledges the audience’s claps with that song and another song.
An encore concert is usually thought of as a concert filled with the same content. However, B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH SEOUL [WANTED] is different! From February’s, sweet, energy-filled, sexy individual stages is 180 degrees different.

Point 3 | USA Activity’s New Title Track Stage Reveal!
June 28th, ‘Coffee Shop’ with a sweet jazz piano melody that stands out, July 17th, ‘Hurricane’ filled with B.A.P’s unique color live stages at the B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH SEOUL [WANTED] concert. The last title track that will be revealed in August could also be part of the stage as well.

Album | The Six Men of B.A.P Throw In Their Hats in the Face of the World. ‘Hurricane’
B.A.P’s second title track from their new mini album, ‘Hurricane’ is a finished track composed by Jeon Dawoon who produced their first mini album [NO MERCY], and produced by MARCO. It is an impressive track that has a BPM at a pace of 128 with a heavy reggae rhythm with a repeated unique hip-hop loop as the base with the member’s vocals and raps that forms a changeable harmony with a powerful synthesizer sound in the chorus section. In particular, the participation of a well-known DJ in the underground hip-hop scene, DJ Wegun, is attracting attention. Through their tour in the USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan they are rising up as true K-Pop stars, their lyrics overflowing with confidence and the music video that was filmed in Las Vegas adds to their extravagance.
Source: Naver
Translation: aLxo12 on Tumblr

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