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[ARTICLE] Music | Kpop MV Battle

Music | Kpop MV Battle

It’s been a busy week for Kpop stans all over the world. Three comebacks and a much awaited music video from one of the year’s hottest rookie groups, there’s much competition, as usual, to come up with the jaw dropping MV’s fans are now accustomed to. We take at look at the contenders.

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B.A.P ‘Hurricane’

They trotted off with more Rookie (Newcomer) Awards than they knew what to do with. They’ve consistently released awesome, ferocious songs and even their balladry shows impressive delivery but B.A.P definitely have a formula in place. So this year, despite probably needing a holiday, they’ve been jaunting off to the States for a few knicker-destroying sell out dates, and toying with some new sounds. ‘Coffee Shop’ was their contemporary jazz moment; tinkling pianos and caramel smooth vocals, even their two rappers, Yongguk and Zelo, were restrained and refined. The MV was all soft focus and tourist moments, filmed in between their US tour dates. It was all very… nice. Sorry, I meant dull.

So in keeping with this three song experimentation they’ve promised, here’s comes track two; the homage to EDM. ‘Hurricane’, filmed in Vegas, looks pretty much like Big Bang’s ‘Tonight’. Desert shot, car shot, hotel hallway shot, you get my drift. The track is either a love it or hate it moment – it’s as glittery, loud and brash as its MV with reams of tacky gold, bright lights and even a limo with a stripper pole. It’s headache inducing and addictive.

It’s also the song that will go down in B.A.P history as having some corking ‘Engrish’ fails. The lyrics should scan as ‘the roof is on fire’. It comes out as ‘the loof is on fiyah’ and delivered wearing a white pimp suit and jewellery; understandably it’s caused much hilarity online. It’s also got a YOLO in it (for shame), an awful perm, and main singer Daehyun chewing through the song like it’s raw meat.

Actually, it’s like Skrillex, Pitbull and Jared Leto took acid and smashed this song together as a bit of a joke. But it works. It’s ostentatious and over-wrought at times, the Kpop practice of shoehorning genres under one roof (or loof, as it may be) is full frenetic swing but it provides an experience both sublimely ridiculous and wonderful, an adrenalin shot of pure pop.

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